Why Students Are Unemployed After Complete their Degree

Why Students Are Unemployed After Complete their Degree

After completing the graduation in the field like B.Tech students are still jobless and if they hired in any company so there starting salary is not more than 7k, after spending a huge amount on the process of education it is really shocking that students are seemed jobless or with only 10k salaries in a month. Have you ever wondered what’s going in the society, it has become so competitive that you have to be best and best.

So let’s face one more fact and that is there are almost five lack seats and few of them will be left vacant and among them, some students will leave the college and drop out. And after completing the course higher number of students will go for the higher studies.

So by declining the number also you have to face at least 4 lakh students in a competitive world. And in your placement drive with you there will be 400 students will be with you and each student have smart in her or his way and an employer asks the same question that is why should he hire you, he has many choices other than you so basically you should have a very strong reason.

The issue of unemployment in India is a major issue and several youths come with a question that after spending so much on degrees why they are jobless and seeking for the job badly and if you’re among them so here are reasons why it could be:

Lack of Experience: Experience adds a bonus point to your resume, but it’s too hard to take experience while studying every person is a fresher and every individual user to start up. Lack of experience is the biggest obstacle and some students even miss the golden opportunity of six months internship.

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Lack of practical knowledge: Only get the good marks in the exams will not help you in the professional lives your skills will speak on your behalf. Maybe you can’t be an expert but you should have the basic knowledge of the field.

Don’t put expectations high: As soon as students complete their graduation they think they get the package of 3 to 4 lakhs per annum or they can be placed in the high profile companies like Google and so on. But don’t forget first judge yourself and ask from yourself are you really capable for that kind of job yes in our childhood it has been said dream high but don’t forget we were also thought that you have to start from zero and by hard work. So in initial years focus on learning the part, not on money or fame. Just grab the skills.

Love your job: It is really imperative that you should be passionate for your job or whatever you are doing you should enjoy while working it. You should love your work so it will add charm to your work.

Apply for maximum jobs: Now there are many job portals so upload your resume over them and update your profiles, and don’t stick to your dream company apply for a maximum number of a job by sticking to your dream company you can miss the good opportunities keep yourself open for the offers.

Social Media: Obviously be and updated on social media is a good option and try to follow LinkedIn as it helps you to build the connections and network.

Competitive world: Sometimes by having the talent also you can’t get the job so in that case, you should have an additional bonus point you can go for the short term course which can help you in many terms. And those courses you can do anytime and from anywhere and by doing from a reputed firm it guarantees.

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