Web Design Training Company

In this digital tech-savvy world, getting a website created is quite essential which in turn will help you in branding and promotion of your business. Website designing involves different processes. At BR Brains, we provide the best in class training for the students which helps them in developing an amazing and impressive website for various clients around the globe. For the tech students, learning about the website development is the need of the hour and to know about the recent technologies which are required in the development of websites. Our best trainers provide the students with the unique training in web designing for the development of the websites.

Certified Web Designing Professional Training Structure

Adobe Dreamweaver


  • About HTML4 and HTML5

  • Tags, Attributes, and Entities

  • Basic structure and execution of HTML

  • Creating web page layouts using table and div

  • Embedding video and audio

  • Framesets and Iframes


  • Introduction of CSS

  • CSS Box Model

  • CSS declarations and Selectors

  • Inline, Internal and External CSS

JavaScript and jQuery

  • About Javascript

  • Control Statements

  • Js popup boxes alert, confirm and prompt

  • Form validations

  • External Javascript

  • jquery library functions

  • jquery slider plugins

Adobe photoshop & Illustrator

  • visual design.

  • UX (User Experience)