Steps You Should Follow To Get Into Excellent Internship Program


Internships has become a necessity for getting hired after graduation these days. Internships are paid and unpaid. Folks says that paid internships leads to higher starting salary. But this is a fact that if you work harder in unpaid internships there are chances to get converted in the same company.

Make a Plan

a) Be specific about companies and industries: Start by making a list of places or types of jobs you’re interested in. Think about the skills you want to develop or the network you want to build. If you don’t know where to begin, the campus career-center staff should be able to tell you where students in similar majors interned or got jobs after graduation.

b) Bank on your college networks: Be in touch with your professors. Ask them if they know something. Or request them to get you in touch with your senior colleagues who have had attended internships. Get a linkedin account.

c) Do research on internet: Internet industry is a booming industry. There are lot of valid and reliable information available on internet. Find it, do research and shortlist it. Look thoroughly and research the company profile for it’s earlier works and portfolio in order to have an idea about how much experience you can get while joining that company, whether it would be beneficial for you or not.

Check out reviews of the students who had joined the best company for summer training in Jaipur or try to find such people and get more details about the experience of older students.

d) Look for internship in your home town: In case your city is an IT hub or has industries then it would be better if you get into an internship program there and then. This will save your time and energy. Also, your focus will not be disturbed. In case you are looking for a training company in Jaipur then BR Brains is a good option.

e) Start Applying asap: Do not waste time. You need to start applying much before your summer vacations i.e. Much before the time you are about to start the internship. Filing 10 to 20 applications for summer internships is a reasonable target.

f) Show your internship experience: What you learn from your internship is more important than from where or from which company you are doing your internship. Don’t get caught up in applying only to prestigious programs or recognizable companies. Focus instead on where you’ll get the most responsibility and hands-on experience.

Never go for the infrastructure or fee structure as the base of choosing, training company, rather look for professional IT experts and industry leaders. Practical exposure is important and reducing the knowledge gap is must. Once you’re there, be open to working on a variety of tasks, and make sure to take notes on the assignments you receive.

g) Always choose conceptual plus practical training program. There are companies and institutes who only offer lectures based training and does not emphasize on practical training. But, you should go for such a company which provide practical labs to work and practice daily assignments given and ask for any doubts later on. This would increase your thinking ability.

h) Choose a company having professional environment so that you can learn as much as you can for future use.

i) Go for such IT Companies which assure 100% job guarantee along with training programs rather than taking no responsibility of the student after the training is over.

Summing up:

The requirement of the companies is the professional experience. So if you have some kind of work experience during your summer internship it is icing on the cake. Go ahead, show it and crack the interview. Doing research to find best company for summer training in Jaipur then access

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