What is The Role of Java in Android App Development?

What is the Role of Java in Android App Development

New technology is marking its presence on every single day and android language is getting new technology to update its language.

Java is a very popular programming language developed by sun microsystems, now owned by Oracle. Java libraries exist to help developers to build applications. Nowadays, using Java as a programming language for Android development has become a choice of the experts.

Java programming language has a powerful feature of those powerful languages while addressing some of their drawbacks. Learn Java for Android development is one of the best ways for a bright future. It’s easy to learn and understand. Most of the big organizations using java today for app development. It is an object-oriented language, but not pure object-oriented because of the presence of built-in data type. Java and XML are used in the development of a mobile application. We provide android training in Jaipur.

Role of Java in Android App Development

Java plays a very important role in the development of an android application because business logic is written in Java. Here you say with confidence that knowledge of core Java is must for the development of the Android application. If a developer has a knowledge of advanced Java his a plus point for the development. A developer can add advanced features to the knowledge of advance Java. The features of Java, which makes it a popular language for the Android development.

Prerequisites: before you can begin Java programming for Android, ensure that you download the Android SDK bundle, which include the Android SDK and integrated development environment.  

Platform independent: Java is a platform independent scripting language, it means simply that Java code can run on any platform. It doesn’t require a special system configuration, a class file can be executed on any platform, for example, Linux, Windows, Mac etc. This means the code Java is portable. An application can run on many devices without changing any code. Even this feature allows the application can run on any smartphone.

Secure: it is more secure because of using the classes and objects and does not support the pointer and any other keyword to manage the memory.

They can reduce the chances of unwanted interference with the application. It uses the garbage collector which removes the objects.

Object-oriented: Java is an object-oriented scripting language which is a big reason for using this language for application development.

Interface: we can say that it is a type of container which contains the abstract methods. It provides the facility to use the methods which declaration is already done. So you can use them according to your need.

Inheritance: inheritance provides ease to the developer to develop the application, through using inheritance you can use basic methods without defining it in the program by extending the class. Simple also because the multiple inheritances not allowed in Java.

Multithreading: do the task in multiple threads instead of a single thread which reduces the chances of crash your app. Even a single thread is there, then the load increases on that activity and it results in a crash of the app. A built-in class which facilities us to work easily with multiple threads.

Much other more reason is there which makes Java important and mostly used to a developed android application. Java plays an important role. All the basic concepts of Java are used in the development.


As we discussed above the importance of the Java programming language and its priceless feature as now a day’s Java is a very famed scripting language. Most of the organization develop the app with the help of Java scripting language. It’s easy to learn and understand. If you want to start a career as a developer, Java is one of the best options for you. Here you can learn Java for Android development. BR Brains provides an Android training in Jaipur at an affordable price with so many certified certificates. Make a call for a registration.

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