Top Reasons To Choose Node.JS For Web App Development

Top Reasons To Choose Node

If you want to make your career you can choose Node.JS server side scripting language that is little similar to PHP or ASP that is used to implement full package of Web server of HTTP and application framework.

What is Node.JS

As we know that it is server side scripting programming language platform which is developed is smart web service application on the open source platform. Basically, this programming language codes written in JavaScript The execution engine is event driven and asynchronous which is considered a proper way of server side app perform. Node.js manages an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that develop it easy and efficient, better for data-intensive real-time applications that run across various opens source devices and write full stack application in JavaScript language.  

Why to Use Node.JS

Here are several excellent reasons to use Node.js, although of your experience with other programming languages. Node.js package manager is an outstanding platform. It does, of course, resemble package managers from other ecosystems, but npm is secure, fast, and compatible Also as source code Node has increased hugely in prevalence over the last many years, due to its JavaScript roots or other reasons. We have some uses for you to consider that are define uses of Node.JS.

  • Fast Service
  • Streaming Data
  • A Little JavaScript
  • Hosting Options Galore
  • JSON in your Database
  • Modules and Community
  • Node.js is a Ubiquitous Runtime
  • Real-time, Made Easy with Websockets
  • Linux Foundation & Corporate Sponsorships
  • One Codebase And You’re Real-time For Free

Here have Some beneficial Feature of Node.JS

Easy to Learn:

According to a research, JavaScript is the usual programming languages which are used for front-end development. Practically every individual developer is familiar with this programming language. And, consequently, it becomes simpler for them to work on Node.JS. It uses limited time and trouble even for a less experienced developer to work with it. Moreover, it has a broad community of programming developers encompassing the world who actively engage in the development of new packages or modules to maintain different types of application development.

Easy Modification and Supportive:

Earlier develop applications are not adaptive and enhance firm over time as new adjustments appear. By the time, developers start squeaking under the functionalities they were not developed for. But, producing a scalable web application that can be transformed at a next stage is relatively easier using NodeJS. A group of tiny applications is created instead of a large web application that supports to making changes or combining new features with much ease.

Single Language for Client and Server Side:

Another web technologies like ASP.NET or Spring needs knowledge of the different language (VB.NET, Java, C#) for developing code on the web server side. On the other hand, NodeJS works single language JavaScript based on the client as well as web server side. Therefore, developers or programmers can communicate in a single language over all layers.

Simultaneous Request Handling:

NodeJS presents the non-blocking I/O system that allows the process various requests concurrently. The concurrent request approach will be very better than other programming languages like Ruby or Python. It will allocate queue the incoming process request and fulfill them sequentially in a fast way. As a consequence, your application will demand less system RAM, have high scalability levels and will operate better and faster.

Freedom in Building Apps:

While other open source frameworks like Ruby On Rails impose definite commands and guidelines for developing the software in a selective way, Node.JS provides full liberty and free space to take on the web development process in your own custom. It totally enables you to start developing everything from the development process. It produces basic responsibilities giving you the modest least from a new install executing it less regulated.


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