PHP Development Training

PHP Development Training

Nowadays, there is a huge demand in the market for PHP developers for both experts and fresher because PHP is a language used generally to create dynamic pages and web development. It is used as a combination of web frameworks. Originally, such intricately designed programs meet the requirements of both first-timers and proficient developers. PHP training centers will teach you on real-life projects to enhance your practical knowledge in leaps.The language is enclosed with HTML as it is very much compatible with the PHP tags. There are top 10 PHP frameworks available which make the coding familiar to the programmer.

A main advantage of PHP is that it is a free download and doesn’t cost you a penny if you want to practice at your own desktop at home. There are many experts that can guide you for the most appropriate course for you according to your present skills and work experience.  If you have a passion for creating your own page and add some optimization in that which will give you the pleasure to be appreciated for your talented skills, BR Brains is the perfect place. PHP course in Jaipur has helped a number of people find employment. There are an ample number of opportunities for various “PHP Frameworks Training courses” as per industry demands. For those students who would like to gain more depth knowledge and understanding of various frameworks, there are few programs designed by PHP Experts. As the industry is growing rapidly in Jaipur, the latest amenities and state-of-art infrastructure are offered by the various institutions for better concentration and learning among students. In recent time PHP developers have to struggle with coding and think in an object-oriented manner, gain high traffics, research more than ever. Knowing user interface practices and dealing with different device resolutions isn’t their concern but few firms in Jaipur are asking for it. Live Project Training on PHP for computer science student, undergraduates or graduates in all stream and final semester students.

Certified PHP Programmer Training Structure

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Fundamentals of PHP

  • Get basic knowledge of PHP, Software Engineering, SQL Queries, web designing, and programming.

DATABASE Connectivity

  • Acquire knowledge of Database terminology, MySQL Database and learn Database connectivity using DBMS & RDBMS, PHP & MySQL.

Learn CSS

  • Learn how to apply CSS to a web page including backgrounds, classes, and ID, pseudo-classes, margins and padding etc.

Applicability to Industrial Projects

  • Learn how to integrate with web services, shopping cart, embedding PHP code into HTML pages, payment gateways and product catalog.

Learn PHP Language

  • Learn PHP syntax, expressions, variables, operators, functions, arrays, loops, protocols, conditions, events, flows etc. to develop a PHP website independently.

Learn HTML

  • Introduction to HTML and its elements, tags, hyper links, table, form, events, div and span etc.

Applicability to Industry Standards

  • Get knowledge about PHP with MVC architecture, Javascript, Ajax, XML, String Manipulation and Regular Expression, sessions and cookies etc.


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