PHP 6 Weeks Summer Industrial Internship Training with Live Project in Jaipur

PHP 6 Weeks Summer Industrial Internship Training with Live Project in Jaipur

A training gives you lots of experience to learn everything which you learn in training time seem to like PHP programming language provides you a 6-week summer training to make a bright future in IT & software industry.

About the BR Brains PHP Training Company

BR Brains Jaipur gives PHP 6 Weeks, 3 months, 6 month Summer Industrial Training or Internship with live Project in BR Brains Company environment Jaipur for Mtech, Btech, MCA, BCA or graduate student. The programming skilled development company has been newly registered in the table of best PHP summer training company in Jaipur. The core or advanced programming skills of the PHP programming language summer training are based on the expert trainers and company training environment presented to the students.

Our experienced trainers have acquired particular functional responsibilities for PHP summer training with internship letter in Jaipur. In 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 month PHP summer training or industrial training in BR Brains Jaipur, our technically practical exercise modules developed by trainers are combined with the industry consent syllabus.

Such collaboration in PHP training in Jaipur assists in allowing the know-how methods to the students. Complete functional courses in PHP industrial or summer training adhere to the universal industry representatives. BR Brains Jaipur is regarded as the best PHP Industrial training or summer internship organization in Jaipur due to promoting learners with affordable PAID training course fee, placement offer and world-class PHP summer training on a live project.

PHP Training Course Fee and Time Duration


Punctilious Track

Weekend Track

Fast Track

Training Course Duration

2-3 Months

8-12 weekend

5 days

Learning Hour

2 -3 hours a day

3 – 4 hours a day

6 – 7 hours a day

Training Mode Live Project perform Live Project perform

Live Project perform

Summer Training in PHP is a presented 6 weeks course, regular course over 5 days a week, and completely involves practical work assemblies. The PHP training course curriculum of industrial or Summer Training in PHP programming language includes.

  • Module 01: Introduction to PHP
  • Module 02: Language Constructors
  • Module 03: Loops & ¬†Operators
  • Module 04: String Declaration
  • Module 05: Arrays & File Handling
  • Module 06: Functions with Types of Errors
  • Module 07: MySQL database
  • Module 08: Session and Cookies
  • Module 09: Object-Oriented Concepts in PHP
  • Module 10: Working with Regular Expressions
  • Module 11: Working with XML
  • Module 12: Internet services Communication
  • Module 13: JavaScript

6 Week Based Projects List in PHP Language Technologies

  • Airline Reservation System
  • ATM Database System
  • Multi-User Voice Chat (VOIP)
  • Telephone Billing System
  • Client-Server application
  • Parking system
  • Railway Ticket System
  • Human resource management system (HRMS)
  • College Library Record Application
  • Helps students to take knowledge of complex technical concepts.
  • Billing Management System
  • Online Job Portal

Top 10 Reasons to Choose BR Brains for PHP Summer Industrial Training in Jaipur

  1. Our PHP internship or Summer Industrial training in Jaipur is disclosed in agreement with current IT industry.
  2. We present the greatest PHP training in Jaipur including complete training course program during the PHP Summer Industrial training.
  3. In the BR Brains company, The PHP Summer Industrial or internship training in Jaipur are programmed on weekdays and weekends. Also, students can opt for customized training schedule according to the own conditions.
  4. Our PHP supported team of trainers is industry-experts having more than a decade expert in training.
  5. Instructors of BR Brains training company PHP Summer Industrial or internship training in Jaipur not only assist students in performing on live projects but also present a gathering on interview preparation along with MNC’S placement assistance.
  6. Our Practical lab work is open 24 X 7 days. Students, according to their help can allow the lab for promoting projects and exercise the specialized technical assignments.
  7. Our PHP training company environment is implemented with latest IT & Software foundations such as projectors, live racks, Wi-Fi, and digital pads.
  8. We expedite our students with glass-door examination opening and problem discussion zone (meeting room) to improve their knowledge and exploring programming skill abilities.
  9. To improve learning knowledge of the trainee students, the obscure programming technical notions are presented through easy coaching.
  10. According to the learning and practical knowledge commitments, students can retake or venture the training class at no cost.

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