Numerous Programming Languages in The IT Industry 2019

Programmers are the need of the market, this is the evergreen job which is available on the market. Today, every company is in need of a programmer as this is the digital era and machines and technologies are the basic need of the organizations.

But with demand there is high competition as well by being a programmer, it is important that you should have a knowledge of different programming languages to we know that you can’t learn all the language, but basic knowledge can make you superior in the team and add advantage, you have the knowledge.

So here we bought some top language that you should know about it. If you want to get trained in Jaipur, apply for training in Jaipur at the BR Brains training institute. The company provides training for all type courses.

Here is the list of the top programming languages in 2019 that you should know:

Java :

It was created by James Gosling in 1990 at Sun Microsystems but it came into the market in 1995. Originally, it was invented by the smart TV programing language. In the present era, it has become the most popular and the fastest growing programming language and it is worldwide famous language.

This language also has a feature of c and c+ and now it has become the main language of android language systems. It can be run anywhere, it has the powerful library of reusable components and attractive incentives on the job marketers.

On the other side, it is slower than natively compiled languages, Java can’t control the devices. This language can be used by game developer, Web applications developer, Software developer, Enterprise applications developer, and Mobile applications developer.

Python :

It was made by Guido Rossum in 1989 with the motive of the general purpose of programming. Google has invested in Python for last 10 years and continued to invest till it become the main programming core for Ubuntu,Python is used by Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Radio, WordStream, By learning this language you will be able to make your opportunities wide and you will be able to get the opportunity to work with these high profile companies.

In American, this language has been started teaching from school onwards. Python is simple, readable, elegant and it is the imperative for the market. It has not any disadvantage, It can be used by a software developer, Web applications developer, Enterprise applications developer.

C :

This was created in 1972 by Dennis Richie for the development of the UNIX operating system at Bell labs, This language has various spiritual descendants, for example, C++, C#, Javascript.This language is an object-oriented and widely used programming language for embedded systems and operating systems.

Along with this, it is simpler than Java and C#. It is believed that this language is a closet language of hardware while comparing other programming languages. If you see your long-term career so start with this option.

Games developer, Mobile applications developer, Enterprise applications developer, and Software developer all use this language and It has a very good speed can run from anywhere, portable and very simple only Mastering memory management is difficult.

C++ :

This language was made by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983, it is compiled,multi-paradigm and object oriented programming language. It is an updation of C language. It is the best language for strong desktops applications, as well as games and mobile applications. You will not believe it, but the software for fighter jets are developed into C++.Along with this software of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Adobe software, Windows OS.

It has the wider market and has the highest demand for vacancies. It has the best speed, fast processing,  Quick compilation mechanism.It is used by the Software developer, Mobile applications developer, Enterprise applications developer etc but we would like to tell you that Java is better than C++.

C# :

This has been founded by the Microsoft in 2000 for developing Microsoft applications as well as a part of the .NET framework.Visual Studio is the IDE for Microsoft applications development.It has features like speed, power, and high performance. It is only suitable for the windows and Linux with some restrictions.

Objective c :

It was built by Brad Cox and Tom Love at Apple in 1983, The main focus was to address the deficiencies in the C language and especially the object orientation, this language is the main programing language for IOS Application.

Many developers have changed their field. We all know the market of Apple it has the highest demand for freelancer industry. IT is a flexible, speedy and it has demanded as a freelancer. It is used by the Mac application developer and Mobile application development.

Ruby :

It is created by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1995.This language can be said as a straightforward programming language. Its characteristics are interpreted,object-oriented, It was invented for the purpose of developing web-based applications.

Its the foremost supplier of Yammer, Scribd, Github, Groupon, and Shopify. It is a mixture of Eiffel, Pearl, and Lisp. Ruby is an ideal selection for startup companies. But it works slow, it is the most object-oriented language.

JavaScript :

JavaScript is a client-side web programming language, interpreter, and multi-paradigm language. It was built by Netscape.Through javascript one can make web form validation on the web pages, add communication interactivity to your website. Its original name is ECMAScript.

It is trending in a modern web. There are many javascript libraries. It is based on simplicity, Flexibility, Reliable to do client-side web programming. It is useful only in the web browser and in a market it has no scope. It is used by Web applications developer and Games developer.


It is a well-accepted programming language and created in 1986 by Rasmus Lerdorf. It stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. Joomla, Drupal, Facebook, WordPress. It is the focus to create dynamic web pages.

It has also marked its presence in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and now WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). Developers should learn this, but it doesn’t have a high paid job. It is open source, Dynamic, Well-Documented. It can be used by Web application developers. It has Security issues.


It stands for (Structured Query Language), and widely used as database query language on the other side it is not a development language. If you wish to execute database, like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, SQLite, etc., so you should know this language. It is very simple and readable.

All applications have database as a backend. It is well documented and easy to learn. Software developer, Mobile applications developer, Games developer, and Web application developer can use it.

So these were the top programing language if you wish to learn any language so you can contact to the best training institute in Jaipur that is a BR BRAINS sister branch of the BR Softech game and web development company. For more details, you can visit our site.

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