Why Should You Learn Android Development?

7 Reasons Why Should You Learn Android Development

As we already notice that this is a world of Android and the trend in youth is increasing day by day. Android had marked its remarkable space in all over the world and it will not wrong to say that we are living where smartphones are the essential part of the world and they are the king of this world. Android has the power to control almost 300 brands of the smartphones and along with this 90 brands of tablets and 3 E-readers. Every day around 1.5 million new Android devices use to get active.

So this a market for Android and to make a career in it as an Android developer so it is the best decision in this technology world.

7 Reasons Why should you learn Android Development?

1. Free of cost
It is an open source technology that means it is free of cost. In the role of developer, you don’t have to learn anything about coding and programing language and even the best and reputed companies go for it as this technology doesn’t need to pay for using the source code. Most of the companies and web development companies prefer to work with open source technologies.

2. This technology is touching the sky – Growing Technology

As we already know that smartphones are in high demand and it is in trend and while seeing its craze, it is clear that it is the only beginning of the technology, in future it has the wide scope and it is a glimpse of future. So, it will an intelligence to make yourself prepare for the future, it is a preparation time and for future success will follow you.

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3. Rule on App Market

Google play store doesn’t need any introduction its name describes everything about it. If you know how to develop an app on it so you have various options to earn the money even play store pays you for the app and you can also make money according to your ability.

4. Jobs Opportunities

There are wide job opportunities as this is the era of web development and smartphones. Nowadays most companies came with new companies or switched to web development companies. And all companies demand are the best and skilled android developers. If you have skills so you will the be companies first priority.

5. Best salaries

You will get the best salaries in this you don’t have to wait for the years and years. Only in a couple of years, you will get the best salary if you have the perfect skills and Android developers are king of IT industry.

6. Opportunity to earn through app

Yes, google play store provide an opportunity to earn from an app. 60% of Google apps are free but 40% is chargeable. If you wish then you can create an app and through each download, you can earn money. If you know how to implement your app so you can earn very well. Along with this, you will get your ad revenue and you can use it free means no investment.

7. Reputed Status

It will give a status in society, it is a trend of smartphones and if you will make your career in this so you can have a suitable reputation in the society. As people are aware how much scope Android has.

So, Android development has the huge scope and above we prove it, it is worthful so if you have made your mind to make your career in this field so opt for BR Brains – Android training institute in Jaipur. BR Brains is a sister branch of BR Softech and weaving its magic. It provides you the best training for the Android Development with best and experience faculty and features
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