iPhone Training Company

IOS a platform generated by the Apple Inc. This is the most expensive operating system in today’s date. They have created a uniqueness using this kind of operating system in only those mobile phones which are been created by the apple. Their half cut apple sign is a brand which carries the dignity and prestigious image. Young professional fantasies to work in apple. If you want to follow your dream then grab an opportunity to learn from different domain experts of the industry at our center. We provide the complete package to them who want to learn the functionality of the phone and work for it. Our course will take you through all the development tools used in this operating system thus maintaining transparency between institute and students. Follow your dreams and chase for BR brains. Take a look at the contents of certified IOS professional training.

Certified IOS Professional Training Structure:

1-Introduction to iPhone and iPad Development

  • Overview of iPhone and iPad devices
  • revolutionary development, Rich platform, SQLite and APIs
  • consideration of Programming for handheld devices

  • Exploring the iOS Software Development Kit (iOS SDK)

  • Xcode

  • Cocoa Touch

  • Objective-C

  • Frameworks

  • Swift 2.3

  • Swift 3.0

2-Creating the User Interface

  • Leveraging Storyboards

  • Linking views visually

  • Presenting views modally

  • Experimenting with different segues

  • Displaying contents in a Popover

  • Views Embedding  in containers

  • Developing universal applications of iPhone/iPad

  • Testing by using Simulator

3-Coding the User Interface with Objective-C

  • Objective-C Programming

  • Applying the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern

  • Work by using Cocoa Touch Frameworks

  •  property lists with Persisting data

4-Presenting Data with Table Views

  • Selecting the style to suit your application

  • Plain

  • Grouped

  • Creating table views

  • Populating table view data

  • delegate methods Implementation

5-Presenting Data with Collection View

  • Selecting the style to suit your application

  • Collection View Creation

  • Populate Collection view data

  • Customize Collection views with formatting and images

  • Responding to user Item selection

  • Custom Cell For Collection View

6-Applying Navigation Tools and Techniques

  • Using the tab bar Displaying multiple views

  •  Multiple tabs Creation

  •  Tabs with Views Association

  • Drilling down through different levels of detail

7-Interacting with Web Services

  • Implementation decisions Evaluation

  •  REST vs.SOAP  native support

  • Parsing JSON vs. other formats

  •  Network communications Establishment

8-Enhancing the User Interface

  •  adding animations and Recognizing gestures

  • Responding to  taps and Swipes

  • View transitions: flipping and curling views

  • View properties Animation

  • Adding gesture recognizers to views

  •  Views Rotating with autorotation

9-Map Kit

  • Build Map

  • location ShowOn Map

  •  for Core Location and Map Use Delegate

10-Data Base (Core DatSQLite3.0)

  • Creating Data Base

11-Application upload on Appstore

  • How to live applications on Appstore