Experience of Working on Live Projects in Industrial Summer Training

Experience of Working on Live Projects in Industrial Summer Training

BR Brains provides summer training to its students from all fields or streams like mechanical, civil engineering, computer science, management, electronics, communication, IT, and more. This program is leaded by our proficient trainers having 6+ years of industrial experience in a leading corporations. They impart their knowledge and experience to the students and readily prepare them to face various challenges in the industry.

This program improves the candidates overall skill related to interview, confidence, problem solving abilities and more. This program provides great opportunities for students to grow and enhance their skills with practical assessments. This helps those students who, after the completion of their education finds it difficult to get a suitable job as they don’t have practical exposure.

Industrial Training for Engineering Students at BR Brains

BR Brains provides the industrial training program to the students in need and of any stream or branches. It includes training program pertaining to industry based job oriented courses which in turn include the Android, iPhone, SEO concepts and other training modules.

We also provide the training in other IT field such as the PHP, web training and various others which prepares the students for the job and these students then excel in the best companies. Post Industrial training the help the industries to grow rapidly when they are in job. In this complete industrial training session, the students will get a chance to ask queries and also they get the presentations session so that the they can raise their questions and in turn get his doubts cleared.

Benefits of Industrial Training for IT students

The industry introduction increases the undergraduate’s work life through added eagerness and responsibility; gives a long lasting learning experience. Also it is an opportunity to engage with the profession to which they believe to do in a real time work situation thus appreciating and understanding the practical application of their academic program; work with professional mentors and to begin to build networks within their profession.

So, even before the student graduates he or she is prepared to be employment-ready, which expands the student’s employment prospects.While the student will have much to gain from industrial placement, the same is also true for companies which have such training programs in their place.

BR Brains one of the best training company for industrial training in Jaipur for CS students

These training programs can be of mutual benefit for employers because they may benefit from fresh ideas, energy and the quality of support that the student brings into the work environment.

Additionally, taking part in internship programs permits the staffs of an organisation to create leadership and monitoring skills, create presentation for the company, bring new points of view and new thoughts into the work environment. It is also a helpful pathway for the organization to select human assets as some assimilate trainees into their workforce after they graduate.

Closing up:

BR Brains Jaipur is a sister concern of BR Brains that is a one of the best website and mobile app development company in India since 2010. BR Brains provides summer internship for 2 months and industrial training for 6 months. The pros of the program are Live Project Training, Professional Learning Environment, Work on latest technology, Training Certificates from BR Brains and most important 100% job assistance.

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