Indian IT Industry: Future For Java and Java Jobs


In today’s competitive business world, organizations are struggling to stand first and get more benefits. In India, Information technology is the one, which has held the first position for long years with many innovative trends. It has multiple stream and platforms to develop an application or product.

When we talk of programming languages and technologies, Java is the most popular platform, which is used to develop several applications for the systems as well as embedded devices like mobile, laptops, tablets and many more. It is an object oriented programming language and has a simple object model, as it has derived from C and C++. It provides a virtual machine, which is accumulated with byte-code and can run on any system.

Java is one programming language that is used everywhere infact on all devices around the world. It enables developers to make programs work just about anywhere. And it inspired the evolution of an incredible technology community. The brilliance of Java is the platform independency.

Thanks to the internet and the community spirit around it, so many people have been able to make a difference, earn a place in the spotlight with their own framework or tool, be recognized for their contribution, and really influence the Java world.

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With time the popularity and importance of Java is on rise as it has been used in many projects. It is still the most pervasive platform, whether you want to use it for developing smart card applications, mobile applications, or server-side enterprise applications.

One cannot think of any programming language with a more comprehensive set of APIs. It is a great language for beginners to start out with, and to continue across the curriculum. It is the language of choice for developing applications for the BlackBerry Smartphone.

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Basically, Java is not just a Programming language, but it is a programming atmosphere to develop and deploy enterprise applications. There is huge scope for this programming language.

Job opportunities in the field of Java is possible if one has knowledge in many new technologies and roles such as ‘Java-UI Developers’, ’Android Developers’ and many others. The number of jobs opportunities available in Java, J2EE combining with other new technologies is huge.

You get a good amount of money in these jobs. One should have the proficient skills to get an employment with IT organizations as many organizations are looking for the professionals, who can manage multiple projects in J2EE and augments the industrial efficiency.

What does future hold for Java ?

Java is a language that has come up greatly in IT industry across the globe after C++. The journey has been fantastic so far. Java is the backbone of many new products and services that have taken everyone positive in the world. So it becomes even more important and equally curious to talk about the future of it.

I believe that developers have a role to play in this story, by helping to accelerate the evolution of IT from isolated systems to collaborative development. The best part about Java is, its eco-system is self-sustaining, from mobility (Android) to middleware (Hadoop), it impacts everything and will continue to make a big impact in future too.

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Wrapping up:

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