How To Develop A Secure Website


It is imperative to consider security factors while developing and designing a website. For the purpose of developing a website, it is necessary on the part of the customer to provide personal information like address of the office or home, full name of the customer, credit card number or details, personal identification and many more.

As a result of this, there is a great need of creating a secure site. Various web designers with the aim of protecting or securing the website use technology called SSL. The full name of SSL is Secure Socket Layer. The main function of SSL is to protect or secure the developed website from the information stolen by the scammers. Such tool can be purchased from the third party provider or host.

Requirement for creating a secure website:

The things which are required for the purpose of creating a secure website are stated below:
i) SSL certificate
ii) Web host
iii) Domain Name

Procedure for creating a secure website

The first step is to create the website the way it is being created normally. Any of the standard web programming code like PHP and HTML would be fine to create such website.

After creating a website as per the procedure, the next step is to make it secure. For securing, visit a website which offers or provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates.

As the name suggests, SSL is a type of protocol which provides a layer of protection or security to the website being created. There are various web host companies which provide SSL certificates namely Comodo, Godaddy SSL,, and many more.

It is good to inquire with these websites about the discount offers on SSL certificates so that such certificate can be purchased at low cost. Do research for web designing training company for computer science students.

After the selection of a web host, it is necessary to decide the length of time for which you want to keep the SSL certificate active. Normally, everyone purchase an annual membership and get it renewed on yearly basis. Moreover, some web host companies provide the offer of purchasing the SSL certificate for five years.

Installation of technology on the information gathering pages of website created is required after making the payment of SSL services. It is the responsibility of SSL provider to send a bundle of files along with unique certificate through email.

Additionally, specific instruction according to your OS and file upload service will be provided by SSL provider which will used for website.

To test information gathering pages, one needs to type the site address as “https://” rather typing the standard one “http://” protocol. Moreover, one need to ensure that all links with respect to that page of website should use the new “https://” URL.

A secure and trusted website payment processing system should be used like the one offered by Paypal for the purpose of taking online orders as it is considered as an added layer of security and assurance for the customers.

The main benefit of Paypal is that it is having its own layer of security and protection and due to that the customer related information is secured and never transmitted.

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By following the above steps, you will be able to develop a secured website.

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