How to Become a Professional PHP Developer (Step by Step Guide)

How to Become a Professional PHP Developer (Step by Step Guide)

BR Brains is one of the most trusted companies around the world offering various services. We help individuals to accelerate their career and get the required skill set to work with both client and server-side technologies. To become a PHP developer, college degree and certifications are not enough, one must have hands-on training experience. Not just that, one must also have a basic knowledge of computer science and how the web works thoroughly with a basic understanding of the IT industry and how it works to be a good PHP developer

According to Evans Data Corporation, there were 23 million software developers in 2018, this number is expected to reach 26,4 million by the end of 2019 and 27,7 million by 2023.

Tips to Become Professional PHP Developer

1. Get Better Understanding of Web

To master the art of PHP development and follow the PHP developer career path, one must get a better understanding of the powerful functionality of the web. It makes learning easy and provides with utmost clarity in the long term. To examine your knowledge and clear the basics, one must know about the internet, server, clients, URL, domain, DNS, HTTP, session, and cookies. You must be wondering how to become a good PHP developer knowing all this, well, its just the basics that help you polish your skills in the development. 

2. Learn Basic HTML & CSS

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages. Approx 20 million domains use PHP language for better user experience. Hence, make sure you at least know the basics of HTML & CSS. Basics include the structure of the HTML document, HTML tags, their purpose, Meta tag, CSS, CSS Selectors, CSS to HTML document, the difference between block and inline element and a lot more. You must understand what is responsive design and how does it work. 

3. Get the Development Environment

Once you know the basic knowledge of the web and other significant things, you must enroll yourself in the PHP developer course. It helps to brush up your skills and starts the development process in the right direction. PHP developer course provides with development of PHP applications, the webserver that can help you execute the code and a server for database. For beginners, there are many useful tools such as WAMP or XAMPP (windows), text editor, phpMyAdmin, LAMP, Atom, Visual Studio, and a lot more. 

4. Sustain PHP Knowledge

To become a good PHP developer, one must enroll themselves in PHP training and get the required knowledge for a better opportunity. By enrolling for this course, you get expertise in PHP, Strings, Sessions, Arrays, Cookies, Control structure, and a lot more that will be the part of your PHP development. For more expertise, you can even start to learn about the design pattern in PHP: Singleton, Observer, Factory, Adaptor, and dependency Injection. We help you learn to solve the problems and write the code effectively. 

5. Learn MySQL

MySQL is a relational database management system. It uses Structured Query Language.  It helps you learn proven reliability, quick processing, ease and flexibility of use. We help you increase the level of your knowledge in what data type exists, the difference between CHAR & VARCHAR, various keys, MySQL injection, and more that can help you develop advanced PHP development skills. 

6. Learn Java Script and Practice Before you Code

It’s extremely important to learn JavaScript, we help you start with learning jQuery, basics and fundamentals of vanilla Javascript. This knowledge will help you grow in your career in PHP development with the core expertise in the field.  Join the best PHP training in Jaipur for a better experience wherein you can work on written codes and practice regularly.  

7. Join PHP Community

Discover more to enhance your knowledge joining the PHP community. PHP community helps PHP developers to establish advance skills and know more about the PHP community.  It helps you get all the things you must know and connects you with more and more people. By connecting with other developers, you will learn smart ways of doing thigs you are currently doing. 

BR Brains is a well-reputed name in the industry. We provide advanced certification with our team of certified trainers and skilled professionals. Get PHP training in Jaipur and be a professional PHP developer with us.  BR Brains helps you mark your presence in the PHP community of millions. We will help you provide precise direction and will surely help you get the core knowledge of PHP. Software development companies also provide hands-on experience with trending tools and development processes. Learn this dynamic language and develop programs, applications, and websites. 

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