How Engineers Can Survive In The Market In The Age of Automation


Today, technology has moved ahead to that extent that we never had a dream of it. It plays a great role in our life. Sometimes in a positive manner and sometimes of course in a negative manner.

When we talk about positive things about the recent technology, then the first that comes in mind is its time saving benefit. But when we talk about negative things of advanced technology, then the first thing that comes to mind is Automation in jobs.

I  am sounding right? I think yes. Because automation is taking our job. In fact, we too have bowed down with the advancement of technology. So what we can do?

*We can always upgrade our skills.

*We can keep ourself updated about the economy by reading newspapers, magazines and articles.

*We can keep ourself updated by interacting with knowledgeable friends.

* We should not sit idle in adverse conditions infact always look to learn and unlearn things.

By 2030 the low end jobs in US will get Automated. Already many engineers have been laid off from their job by the company and probably more to follow as the economy is still very slow all over the world. So yes of course engineers need to see beyond their resume.

In fact, I would like to say here that start challenging the technology right now. Who is responsible for the advancement of technology? Of course, many technocrats. And who are those technocrats mostly the engineers? So try to defeat yourself. One can do research on IT training for engineering students at BR Brains.

So my engineers friends in case you are unemployed then try to get yourself engaged in some internship program or training program like industrial training.

* Where you can get the opportunity to learn practical concepts.

* Where you get the opportunity of Live Project Training.

* Where the learning environment is professional

* Where you can work on latest technology,

* Where you can get 100% job assistance.

The Final Words:

So folks get all set to enhance and upgrade your skills so that you can cope up with the negative effects of technology. Or let me put in this way that always keep learning so that you can avail the benefits of advancement of technology. Also do research about internship in Jaipur.

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