Are You Getting Your Training From a Right Provider?


What and where you get trained is very important in determining where you will end up?

Training for the sake of learning something new with no destination or purpose, is not valuable in the context of your career. You should still enrich your life with learning all sorts of new things – music, sports, literature, arts etcetera; but in the context of a lifelong career, you need to be very pragmatic about the selection of your training course and who provides it

Look for training company’s experience and image:

When you’re hiring a new employee, you interview them, you look at their skills, experience, you contact their professional references, and you do background checks on them. This is essentially the same process you should look for when you are looking for a training provider.

Find out the provider’s depth and length of experience in the topics you need trainings for. Talk to them about the programs they’ve delivered in the past to see if they can deliver what you will need.

Do they have experience in what you are looking for? Do they have programs that can fetch you a respect in your career later? What about technical skill development?

It will all depend on your training objectives. Make sure to get information on how long they have been in the training business.

If you’re looking to work with a large provider, you also want to learn about the specific individuals that will be delivering or facilitating the training. Ask for the trainers experience so that you can personally look into their skill level and experience.

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If they look great, it may also be a great idea to meet the said individuals before agreeing to anything. This way, you can do find out and see if they will be trained you good.

Image is equivalent to experience when it comes to training providers. It will also be preferable if you can get at least two student references you can contact for feedback. Go beyond asking if their training was any good, how was their service, and how flexible were they.

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Delivery Of Training Program:

An important factor in electing a training provider is everything related to the program delivery. You can always ask a obvious question to the provider that how long they expect the training program to be. For the program to be effective, however, the length should primarily be determined by the training needs, and not by monetary constraints.

Attempting to get your training provider to squeeze a 3-day training into just one day will just be a waste. Observe industry standards when it comes to training duration as some providers offer shorter training hours just to entice potential clients.

Summing up:

Because corporate trainings are important for your employees’ growth, you need to be careful in selecting your training provider.

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