Dot Net Development Training

Dot Net Development Training

The improvements in software development technology have not only reduced but actually transformed the way businesses operate. As so, websites, which are now the status of companies, that need to be produced in a way that they really pull the users towards the business. ASP.NET has appeared to be one of the most chosen platforms for web-based application development. Knowing PHP indicates that you are able to be in the amazingly effective field of web development. If you have technological expertise, to be more explicit, knowledge of C++, it is important that you make regular use of this information with a degree in ASP.NET technology.

We at BRbrains provide a certified.Net Training training which transforms you from freshers to professionals. We have 5-10 years experienced professionals who share their masterful experience and skilled efficiency. You will be taught from the introduction to the operating system so that you can start working on client’s real projects. Following are the details which will be covered during the course. So, here are some basic things when you go to Brbrain institute ere you enter yourself in the course and look forward to having a career in the same.

Flexibility is a simple matter that often continues in the way of people who want to pursue expert courses while also securing a part-time job or so. So, moderate to discover out if the institute offers complete compliance to offer you attend weekend courses and so on.

Certified Dot.Net Professional Training Structure:

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Server side programming in C# / VB.NET

  • Introduction to .NET/ASP.NET with OOPS concepts including Exception handling
  • Events and Delegates with Collection binding
  • Connectivity of Database by using the ADO.NET- Dataset
  • Advance Concept of Controls: Custom Control, User Controls, Composite Controls etc.
  • An introduction to XML, data pulling, parsing techniques from third party server.
  • Basic concept of WCFand Web Services
  • Basic concept of IIS and Configure the website
  • Basic knowledge of angular JS

Database Concepts

  • Database designing techniques & Normalization
  • Database Limitations – type of keys
  • Triggers & Cursors, Stored procedures.
  • Queries & Views

Client side programming

  • Introduction to Client side validation and JavaScript.
  • Ajax programming & Jquery techniques
  • XHTML concepts with CSS


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