Dot Net Development Training

.NET framework is specially designed for windows phone. It is been generated by Microsoft to work only on windows. If you have the determination to learn the frameworks included in.NET to build new websites and applications on the operating system then we are the professional training company for you. The Br Brains training company provides a certified.NET course which will cover all the programming model used in programming.

Certified Dot.Net Professional Training Structure:

Server side programming in C# / VB.NET

  • Introduction to .NET/ASP.NET with OOPS concepts including Exception handling

  • Events and Delegates with Collection binding

  • Connectivity of Database by using the ADO.NET- Dataset

  • Advance Concept of Controls: Custom Control, User Controls, Composite Controls etc.

  • An introduction to XML, data pulling, parsing techniques from third party server.

  • Basic concept of WCFand Web Services

  • Basic concept of IIS and Configure the website

  • Basic knowledge of angular JS

Client side programming

  • Introduction to Client side validation and JavaScript.

  • Ajax programming & Jquery techniques

  • XHTML concepts with CSS

Database Concepts

  • Database designing techniques & Normalization

  • Database Limitations – type of keys

  • Triggers & Cursors, Stored procedures.

  • Queries & Views