Distinction Between Internship and Industrial Training


What do you require when you are a fresher? A ‘practical experience‘ which in turn will help you in getting a job. So why you should do. You should join an internship program or an industrial training which will help you in reducing your knowledge gap and in turn increase your practical exposure.

As a fresher, one of the most significant factors that can influence your chances of landing a really good job, or any job at all is the kind of pre-job experience or training you’ve acquired.

This training could be in the form of Industrial Training or an internship. But before you start applying for the same, you have to first understand the difference between the two.

Industrial Training is a training that students undergo in order to learn the practical applications of their study in the field, it is mainly to allow the student experience real job scenarios and also for them to have a practical knowledge and application of what they’ve learnt.

For Industrial Training, institutions are required to play a part in sourcing for IT places for the students as well as monitoring their progress until the completion of their training. Whereas internship is more of a job but with less benefits than what you would normally get working as a full staff.

The internship is an avenue for both fresh graduates and undergraduates to gain some kind of work experience prior to getting a full time job, and this in turn offers some companies great benefits as they pay less to get the job done. This is usually for a fixed length of time.

An intern might be subject to training atmospheres, he/she will be thrust more into a job or project related scenarios. For internship, educational institutions are not required to play any roles officially and it is mostly up to the candidate to source for a place to do their internship.

A Question that keeps on popping on every student’s mind: Will i get a salary?

As an intern, you may receive stipend or may not be paid like the full staff. But there is usually some kind of remuneration that either covers both your feeding and transportation or just one. While for Industrial training there are training companies that charge money from you so that they can impart you training.

The company has no obligation to offer remuneration to you. However, some companies offer a placement in to students in their own company or outside if they find their performance up to the mark. There are lots of IT training companies in Jaipur that offer conveyance allowance if you join as intern.

Who can apply?

To work as an intern you don’t necessarily need to have already graduated from a university. Undergraduates who are looking to gain quality experience in their field of study can apply as well as fresh graduates who need to acquire some type of experience to enable them get the initial feet in the door and if the employers are impressed, they may be offered a full time job with that particular company.

Industrial Training is strictly for undergraduates as this is usually part of requirements for a school year in the university. Though in case of BR Brains a training company even after graduation one can opt for industrial training.

Closing up:

BR Brains Jaipur is a sister concern of BR Softech that is a leading website and mobile app development company in India since 2010. The summer internship at BR Brains is for 2 months and industrial training in Jaipur for 6 months.

The advantages of the program are Live Project Training, Professional Learning Environment, Work on latest technology, Training Certificates from BR Softech and most important 100% job assistance. You can do research on one of the best web designing institutes in Jaipur. BR Brains is one of the best training centers in Jaipur.

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