Which is Best Developer or Designer?

Hello, today we came to a quite interesting topic it is a phase which every engineer has to face after completing their engineering. yes, today we are here to answer you whether you should become a web developer or a web designer. This both profession seems very different but they are quite similar, only the difference is one field is creative and other is deeply technical.

Let’s give you a glimpse of web designer and web developer

Web Designer:

Web designer designs the website it is a wide field as it includes coding as well as the designing part a designer has to deal with the working (Backend) as well as the look of the site in terms of colors, typography pairings. In this an individual has to use their creative skills as well as technical skills, it is a mixture of two skills. If anybody is searching for the best web designing institute in Jaipur, they can try for Br Brains. 

Web Developer:

A web developer is a vital part of the website as they manage its working and backend, Rather than backend, they can also deal with web apps and it has a wide scope and money too. Some people finding it so much interesting and some get bored. Whereas a developer has to deal with lots of coding.  To make the further career in this you can opt for summer training.

So this was only an introduction what exactly they are, lets us know more about it and know the difference and you will able to opt for the right one.

Money: If we talk about the asset, so people think that a developer earns more, but let’s clear you it is a wrong fact, nowadays designer is also in trend and both of them have the competitive salary. So don’t switch developer only for the money you can get the same even more in web designing field.

Coding:  Obviously a developer has to deal with the whole developing field and should have a knowledge of all the languages. Whereas a designer codes in HTML and CSS, Whereas web designers who have a knowledge of SASS and Javascript, have high demand in the market.

Working: There working is quite similar, they both have to make a website from scratch, a designer has to do planning from the core as well as he has to see the development part whereas a developer has to know everything about coding and it should be perfect. They both should know the coding on a regular basis. If they work as a team so web designer focuses on user experience, whereas a developer focus on websites and apps.

Common Skills: THey both have to know about Photoshop, HTML, CSS, it is mandatory to know these things.

Other factors: A designer is someone who brings imaginations into real. They also rely on intuition and feelings, whereas a developer works on logic and follow scientific formulas.

Here is an example we giving you which will bring more clarity

Suppose you are going to a destination and you are lost and in that situation, if you are exploring and enjoying while talking to new people and knowing about things so you should go with web designing but if you had ignored everything and going for GPS so opt for web developers.

This was a small gist only and what to opt it’s  only on you have the answer what skills and interest you have. Once you have the choice, it then you can complete your winter training period from BR Brains – A sister branch of BR Softech, which you furnish yourself.

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