How to Become Google AdWords Certified in Just Two Days

How to Become Google AdWords Certified in Just Two Days

If you want to get Google AdWords certified. don’t be panic You have come to the best place. How important is getting certified? Let’s look at some numbers:

The maximum number of the users don’t have the way to become a Google AdWords certified professional, even you know you can be a certified in just 2 days. Let’s tell you that if you want to take the classes online so  Google AdWords classes are available at the cost of 500 dollars. But if you follow our guide, then you will be quickly certified without wasting a time.

In this blog post, we will explain how to get google prized certification and how you can join this program.

Here great online resources drive to obtain my certification ended up Google AdWords certified in just two days.

Essential Requirements Materials:

So here we will be telling you what are the Essential Requirements Elements for the learning:

  • Computer
  • Notebook
  • Internet
  • Writing utensil.

Choose the Search Advertising Exam:

If you pass two separate exams you will become completely qualified AdWords certified. Fundamentals exam + a one. The second one is the simpler to first one search advertising exam is the easiest option according to fundamentals exam. One more exam is you left is called video advertising exam.

Take Advantage of the Open Book Policy:

Follow this process step by step in each exam:

  1. Use practice questions to accelerate your knowledge: one of the fastest ways to learn and retain new information.
  2. Study from official exam guides: The pattern of a Google paper is like zero to beginners knowledge of candidate to Google AdWords certified individuals.
  3. Take advantage of the open book policy: a large number of people does not know there is no restriction to have the open mid in the exam. Don’t have time to search for every individual answer.


To prepare for the Adwords fundamentals exam, one of the best ways is the google adored fundamentals learning guide read the first module carefully and practice to understand the value of online advertising. The reading of the first module is very helpful to you understand the method. I especially recommend you watch all the videos on youtube. Make some important topic notes and read out on daily bases. In this way, you will definitely google adored certified within just two days.

Inside the Course, You’ll Get:

  • Detailed of the exam summaries
  • The excellent study guide and cheat sheets
  • A step by step strategy the google adored certification test
  • 200+ practice question with answer layer
  • Lifetime access to all future updates
  • Fast and eco-friendly support
  • 30 days money back promise in writing.

Nothing is Holding You Back from Becoming a Google Certified Professional!

  • You don’t need to have any on the job knowledge.
  • You don’t need to a part of an organization to become certified.
  • You don’t even want to pay money between AdWords certified.
  • You don’t need to be technical.

Final Preparations:

The way of just finally preparations. I personally recommend using two monitors or two computers during the exams. Don’t waste your too much time in this process. Be careful there is short time too many answers. Make sure you free daily bases need a bathroom, hungry because you can’t pause the exam. The PDF version of the fundamentals exam study guide upload on your post id for readout.


So, here we have suggested you how to become a  Google AdWords Certified in Just Two Days so if you are looking for the perfect platform so switch to BR Brains – best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur and sister branch of BR Softech where your experienced teachers will teach you how to deal with this competitive world. 

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