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Nowadays without Android, we can’t even imagine our lives, Android has been the need of today’s century. After all, why not we all know the craze of WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook – social media platforms.

Social media has become the need for today’s generation, people can’t even imagine their lives without it, and it works on smartphones with the help of Android SOftware. It is the most thing, From Samsung to HTC, Sony to Micromax all have an Android operating system.

This software is user-friendly, speedy, the versatility of the hardware has made Android on top of the mobile OS list. To learn android, you should apply for the BR Brains training company which provides android training in Jaipur. An expert faculty provides training for various type courses.

Features of Android:

  1. It is an open source platform

  2. It can be used by anyone

  3. IT can be used from anywhere

  4. It is free of cost

  5. It can be used on tablets, phones, smartphones, Samsung Galaxy, Gionee, Micromax are coming with multiple Developer application. As compared to iOS platform of the iPhone it gives low-cost solutions to customers.

Each and every citizen is using the smartphone and this software is useful for everyone so now you can know its demand, it has high demand so obviously if it has a high demand of the employees also so you can go with this course without any doubt.

So if you wish to do training and want to build your career in android development if you are really interested to know its working and if you are seeking for the training so BR Brains always open its gate to these talented students.

BR Brains is the best android training academy in Jaipur it provides training to its students to build their career in web technology and IT industry. We are among the few IT Company which provide training in PHP, ASP.Net, Java, Android, iPhone, Web design, SEO and other latest technologies.

Along with this, we provide an opportunity to work on live projects. It is the best platform to learn the IT skills in a perfect environment. We will also provide the certification, which will describe you in the future and add benefit to your resume.

BR Brains also provide you the best-experienced faculty which is qualified in their academics as well as they have best teaching experience.

BR Brains is the finest Android Training Institute in Jaipur as it believes in highly practical technical knowledge about the software, we know you are theoretically prepared whole you use to do this only but now it is time to do practically as it will give you the clarity. We use to train a student all basics, mediocre and advanced concepts of professional android programming in our designed course.

We cover all the basics, mediocre and advanced concepts of professional Android Programming in our course designed. We make sure that the students learn all the basic and advanced concepts of the Android Training.

The course outlet, therefore, covers the basic introduction, Object Oriented Programming Concepts (OOPs), Interface Design, Memory Management, Databases, Layout Designs, Android System Overview, Android application development and more.

After the training we also take separate tests of the students according to their module, our trainers have unique skills which will help you to train better. Our experience letter will be counted as a professional experience.

Our Course Includes

  • Introduction to Android


History of Android


Software architecture of Android

Advantages of Android

Android features


  • How it starts

Installation and Configuration of Android

Step to create a new project

Creation of New AVD

Creating run configuration

Creating your first Android activity

Running Your Application

  • Introductions to Application Components

  • Android Component Life Cycle

  • Android Layouts

  • Android Views

  • Styles and Themes of Android

  • What are Fragments?

  • Introduction to Menus

  • Introduction to Drawers

  • Handling User Interaction Events

  • Creating Dialogs

  • Notifications

  • Intents, Broadcast Receivers, Adapters, and Internet

  • Data Storage

  • Working with SQL Lite

  • Working in Background

  • Using the Camera, Taking Pictures and the Media API

  • Maps, GEO coding, and Location Based

  • Content Providers

  • Web Services with Architecture

  • Assignment

Along with this we provide Android training in two-phase

Phase 1- In this phase, we offer Android layouts and views, Handling user interaction events, Debugging android applications, Grouping, Creating menus, Creating dialog, dialog notification, Status bar, Toast, hemes, Application fundamentals etc.

Phase 2 – In this phase, we offer Web Services, XML Parser, Sqlite open helper and creating a database, Multimedia supported audio formats, supported video formats, Geocoding, and Location Based Services, Opening and closing a database, Simple media playback, SQL database, Finding Current Location, JSON Parser, introducing SQLite, Multimedia in Android, Maps etc.

We want our students to be trained successfully so here are the core training parts on which our focus is:

  • Android Architecture

  • Content Provider

  • SQL Lite Database Storage

  • How to Install Android Studio

  • Broadcast Receiver

  • Android Development Environment

  • Showing Notification Messages

  • Android Application Fundamentals

  • Advanced GUI Development

  • Android Basic GUI Programming

  • Android Layout Management

  • Background Task Processing and Service

  • Android Resource Management and Localization

  • Application Menu

  • Intents and Intent Filters

  • Applying Styles on Widgets

Advance Training

  • Animation

  • Networking

  • Android Multimedia Programming

  • Sliding Effects

  • Creating HTML pages with CSS and mobile query

  • Location-based service

  • Android Telephony

  • Camera

  • Sensors

  • Bluetooth

  • WIFI

  • Google map

  • Playing audio video

So the list is endless as we want our student to be expert, it is the wide field, we prepare our students for the future, so they don’t face any problem regarding there training in the professional world as we know you are here to groom and your future is ours too. So if still, you have any doubts so you can visit on our website and know more about us and if you have decided to register yourself on.

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