Android vs IOS: Which Is the Better Option to Start the Career in IT Industries

Android vs IOS Which Is the Better Option to Start the Career in IT Industries

A various option has been coming up for the students, there are several options for the youth and their new options has included SEO, Graphic designing, web designing etc. So, basically after completing the graduation in different fields it has been seen that students use to get confused regarding the different question that in which line they should go in and the major question of the youth in which field they should opt for Android or for IOS? Which is better in terms of salary, easy to understand etc.

Nowadays mobile technology is increasing day by day and a day can’t go without swiping the screen. Several mobile phones and tablets run, billion of people use it and the mobile operating system is an essential part of the phones and among them also in the market, there is competition in two and those are Android vs IOS. Every business need an application and to grow the business, they need the developer for it and now B.Tech students have two options and they are either to go in Android or IOS.

So, let’s know  more about the Android and IOS and in this article, we will be telling you the difference between them and more info

Android vs IOS

It seems that Android and IOS are the same but they are really different from one another as per their features and functionality is fully different from one another.

There are wide difference between them.

Android – It works on open source, so people can take that source code and create the custom OS from it. If you are crazy about the custom ROMs for the phone so you should opt for Android.   

IOS– It is a based on closed source and its operating system is made by the Apple. SO basically the process it when an IOS developer uploads anything so at that time it goes to the APPLE for the approval. After the approval, it could be live and people can use it. SO it is secure than Android.

Android: According to the security it provides you the lock for every feature like widgets, sharing between apps, apps running. For every security, purpose android is the best way.

IOS: IOS has limited security feature in the background, and third-party keyboards have now arrived in IOS. iOS offers a lot of flexibility without going completely overboard.

Android: It is based on IntelliJ IDEA and we all know that it is quite advanced as well as XCode is more open now and it is available with plugins. The development has done with Eclipse using ADT – the Google customized Android Development toolkit.

IOS: IOS development uses Xcode, currently at Xcode. It’s only when you want to deploy apps onto your iOS devices or distribute them in the App store that you have to pay Apple $99 a year.

Android: You can use this software in any device according to your requirement.

IOS: You can use it in a limited device.  

Android: Android applications are free due to its open source and many developers are there to work for Android.

IOS: its services are really expensive than the Android models.

Android:  Native Android apps are written in Java and native iOS apps in Objective-C. There are lots of company that provide android apps development services to the global clients.

IOS: These apps are written in Java and IOS Apps in the objective.

So, these were the basic difference between Android and IOS

Now, let’s have a difference according to the career :

Resources: According to the resources it is the best source as it is not much expensive and anyone can build an app on it in fact in free of cost or in minimum budget. Whereas in IOS you have to get MAC, iPhone or IPAD to build the application. In iPhone, it is very expensive.  So if you do not have an expense for resources then you have to first choose android development training.

According to Knowledge: If you have the best knowledge of objective – C then you should go for the IOS, But if you have less knowledge of objective C and your are skillful in java programming so you should go for Android.

Salary: In terms of salary developer always gets a high salary who are in IOS as compared to Android they get less salary but then also it depends on your performance and on your company.

Global Market: According to a recent survey conducted among companies from the top 10 countries it is claimed that demand is IOS developers rather than the Android developers.

So, generally, the confusion has been seen among the developers to opt for which field IOS or Android. In this article, we have provided you the detail in dept and core.

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