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Android phones have the ability to adapt to many functions and flexibility with the tags used for building the apps. For Java-based Android applications, Software Development Kit (SDK) provides tools and APIs. The Android platform appears multiple applications at one time. For e.g. Android user can receive notification, listen to music and use GPS. Android applications have a huge market. Its applications are used by many leading mobile phone production companies. It gives easier application support and market performance to a developer. Android is a talented application which is flexible with hardware and carrier. Besides this, Android APIs helps a developer in developing a standard application. One who has work experience or good hands-on Java can easily learn Android development. Usually, the candidates with computer science and related engineering background and, BCA,  MCA & MSC can learn this course but anyone with good command over java can take Android training here. Brbrain Android course gives you a well-designed training program according to IT & software job market demand. Enhanced and constant exposure to labs and expert faculties will give an obvious edge to Android development. Live project development, regular revision, and tips for coding are a part of course.

Have a sight at the new version of the android i.e. nougat. In today’s date, the most selling phones are of android. A career in Android is excellent so if you ever feel that android can build your career in a right way then contact us. We at BRbrains provide a certified android training which transforms you from freshers to professionals. We have 5-10 years experienced professionals who share their masterful experience and skilled efficiency. You will be taught from the introduction to the operating system so that you can start working on client’s real projects. Following are the details which will be covered during the course

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About the Android Platform

  • Installation & Introduction of android, development tools, virtual device (AVD).
  • An introduction of Java with android.
  • Brief Information about application Structure/Levels.

Defining Activities

  • Loading XML files layout at runtime
  • ViewGroup and View classes with Designing screens
  • Understanding units of measurement
  • Laying out screens with Linear and relative Layout
  • Add views to a view group with Java code

User I/O

  • user Interaction
  • Create and display Toast
  • Collect confirmation with dialogs
  • Interacting with the UI
  • Responding to user input events
  • Integrating with the Android system

Supporting Multiple Screens

  • Deal with Android market fragmentation
  • Build drawable resources for multiple screens
  • Build stretchable 9-patch graphics
  • Build a custom launcher icon

Working With Events

  • Handling user events with Java code
  • To handle system events create a Broadcast Receiver
  • Managing orientation and other configuration changes

Working with Data

  • Passing data to an activity with intent extras
  • Receive data in a new activity
  • Return data to a calling activity
  • Display data in a list
  • Managing list item click events

Understanding Android Studio

  • nstallation of Java Developer Kit (JDK)
  • Installation of Android Studio on Mac OS X
  • Install the Intel Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (HAXM) on Mac OS
  • Installation of Android Studio on Windows and Android Studio updates
  • Download the additional components with Android SDK Manager
  • Explore the structure of an Android Studio project

Debugging Android Apps

  • Java code Debugging with logcat
  • Displaying messages on-screen with Toast
  • Using breakpoints and watching variables
  • Error Checking & resolving

Managing of Navigation

  • Creating new layout and activities
  • Using explicit intents to start new activities
  • Understanding the activity life cycle
  • Opening activities with implicit intents
  • Tracing state changes with logcat
  • Finishing and returning from a secondary

Managing User Interface

  • Using and Defining styles
  • Applying application themes
  • Create a scrollable text display

Working with Menus & Action Bar

  • Adding items to the options menu
  • Display menu items in the action bar
  • Managing the action bar and menus at runtime


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