6 Ways To Get Internship


Students that go for internships possess more professional experiences and also come to know how companies work. This provides a valuable understanding of the business and the industry in which you want to work in once you graduate.

You are about to complete your college and you are not sure about getting selected during campus placement. So what you should do to enhance your skills. Of course, internship but how you should find it out. Here you go with some relevant points:

1. Do Not Give Up

Until you have an offer in writing, you must keep prospecting. Any verbal conversations don’t count and are not binding.

2. Stay Focused

Job (or intern) searches have a lot of contacts, follow-ups and next actions in play simultaneously. You need a proper document that can be used to stay focus and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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3. Follow Up Professionally

Good that you communicated with a selector or hiring manager at a company and you felt great. You thought they were interested, and you would have accepted if offered but they went silent. Continue to go after them. Let them know you are talking to others, but have them on the top of your list (if you do).

Stay visible and attempt to connect (Voice Mail or Email a couple of times a week). If you follow up professionally, it will increase the fact that you are the kind of professional they want to employ.

4. Take Career Guidance from Counselor:

Sessions with a professional counselor can help if you are stalled or trying to better the hand before you. The Career Center can help in two ways:

  • They knows companies that might be a fit for you and are hiring

  • They can help with both your search and the skills you employ

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5. Follow Up with the Training Companies You Have Met

During your search, if you have done it right, you have amassed contacts that have become a part of your network. Follow up and engage with them. Probably initially they did not have a vacancy when you last spoke, but maybe a candidate they were pursuing just dropped out or they know of another training company that could hire you.

6.Try to contact Your Network and Seek Assistance:

Make sure you are leveraging everyone you know, including:

  • Professors

  • Advisors

  • Friends who are looking or have already gone through an internship program for the summer. (People in this latter group might have taken one, but have another two that they would have taken if they didn’t get the one they just accepted. The best technique here if for them to introduce you.)

  • Friends and family

  • Former employers

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Wrapping up:

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