10 Things to Remember to Become a Successful JavaScript Developer

10 Things to Remember to Become a Successful JavaScript Developer

As we know, that the field of javascript is becoming wide, in this programming language many aspects include Expert in writing applications, games, websites, server side, experimental of code, many more in this all applications javascript is required.

In this article, BR Brains the leading Java training institute in Jaipur bring the perfect facts which you should know about Javascript.

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is one of the most useful programming languages. There is a huge demand of a web developer in the organizations, every second organization is looking for the professional web developer. Even many reputed companies are paying the high salary to the person who has less experience.

So while seeing the market, if you are also looking to pursue your career in the field of javascript developer, so it would not be a wrong decision as it has high scope in the competitive market. It is counted as one of the best programming languages only you have to focus on some points and you should not forget them and we will tell you what are those points.

10 Points to Remember to Become a Successful Javascript Developer

1.Grab The Knowledge of HTML & CSS

We can easily create notes in a digital document with hypertext markup language. Html is the basic building block that we need to develop any web page or website. whereas, CSS is used to extend the document formed with HTML. we can create and change the page layout, color, fonts, and the style.

2. Knowing Jquery Doesn’t Mean You Know JavaScript

Javascript plays a vital role in programming, t is a one of the important part or tool available in the toolbox of a developer. This is a high level construed programming language determines the functions. HTML and CSS are the markup and style sheet languages. Most of the developers think and they have the knowledge of the javascript as they can write a bit of jquery.  use through the javascript, we should solve our basic problem attributes like error handling if/else, array, string manipulation with its methods, and work of variable scope in javascript.

3. Have The Proper Knowledge About Function and Determine Them

You should have the Java knowledge from the core and there are several different functions which have a knowledge from the core.  By using these functions means that you should understand it from the core in terms of scope, closures and its working. It is the best way to know the difference between the normal function and the arrow function.

4. Frameworks

PHP, ruby javascript, C#, python, and java all are the multiple frameworks which are designed to build the web development more attractive. You can select any one of them and learn it really well. Make multiple web apps with it and make sure that, you can easily build fast and relevant applications. The framework is easy to learn and easy to use.

5. Testing/Debugging is Mandatory

The experience of debugging to keep things moving on we need to test our code and debug them along the way is quite essential. There are two different testing method, the first one is functional testing, it will test a particular piece of a functionality. The second one is unit testing, which tests the smallest bit of code that is responsible for one thing on our site for best code.

6. Responsive Design is Need of Time

In this 21st century, we use many devices like computers, tablets, and phones and through them we look at the web pages. On this, all thing you will notice pages are not open in the same like desktop or phone, we do not check it on our end process of the website. For becoming a successful developer you should understand the responsive design principles value.

7. Hosting is Useful

As we all are informed that a  variable can be used only after it has been declared. Hoisting is the fault behavior which means the variables can be used before the declaration at the top. A strong developer should avoid errors. Here you understand the one more term of javascript the declarations, not the initializations.

8. AJAX is Mandatory

Ajax is a set of technologies which are supported by a web browser. Using of Ajax we can easily modify a part of the page which is displayed by the browser. Ajax stands for asynchronous javascript and XML. This is not a programming language. It is used for a combination of a browser build in XML HTTP request object and javascript, HTML dom.

9. Code Using Use Strict

One of the best thing to be for better error checking into the code. We can use strict mode by declaring top of the program or function. The scope of the strict mode depends upon it declaration because of program script.

10. Regular Expressions are Mandatory

It is a sequence of characters that forms a search pattern. It can be a single character or more. Can be used for performing all types of text search and text replace operations. After complete reading all the above-mentioned points, it is time to work on these points and to get a professional experience.


In this blog, our topic is how to become a successful javascript developer. As we all know that the apps development companies are increasing day by day, There are the huge demand of the developers as this the technology world and  BR Brains provide you 10 utmost points or steps to become a successful developer which you should opt it in your life.  

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