10 Actionable Tips to Become a Better Android Developer

10 Actionable Tips to Become A Better Android Developer

While you are getting the training in the android development you can decide the many options to choose a right career in various app development fields. In the digital and technology world, we can see the many development things to make a professional career in this field, but before to choose the development process in this field you can understand and learn the much more things about it, that is possible by the Android Training Institute In Jaipur. With the help of a training company, you can take the start to end process of android app development knowledge.

BR Brains training company provides you the amazing experience of mobile app development training, where you can learn the new things such as AI-based, IOT based, ADB & AVD manager, unity3D etc., with the help of these technology tools you can make a strong development skill in mobile app development which is the best option to build a bright career in it.

Salient Process to Become a Professional Android App Developer

You can follow these steps or process how to become an Android developer, which is very essential or important to understand the app development strategy.

1. What is the Android Development

It is the best concept that what is the android development?. You can define the answer to this question, But you can explain much better its process after taking Android training.  After that, you can understand the typical concept of this app development process and innovative process according to client understanding.

2. UI/UX Design Process Mind it

You can impress the global users and clients with the help of UX/UI designing. Always keep in mind to creative, impressive and reliable UX/UI designing that gives the effective app creation process. Also, you can use the GIF image screen view and animated app icon feature which can glorify your application.

3. Understand the Client Requirement

You can understand this thing in the App development training time period, where you can explore the client requirements on the live project work basis. In other words, we can, it is the Ideal Approaches to improve the development skill to provide a superior development process.

4. Make a Strong Communities

Here, the mean of communities is related to the development process that how you exactly build the app for users or clients. So, you can light on your basic interest and provide the ideas for app development that what you exactly do because this thing is very useful for your career growth and job getting.

5. Be Confident to Write the Source Code

You can write the better program code that can easily understand to a client or software tester. This thing represents your standard and dedication for a good Android developer. So always mind the gap unprofessional programming code writing.

6. API and Libraries

You can understand the API like Jason, Jackson, Gson, and libraries like Mockito, JUnit to develop a better application. It easily links to third-party applications and provides a reliable and secure app solution to users.

7. Understand the Dalvik Virtual Machine Concept

It is the process of app optimizers that optimize the process of application performance, memory, class, file, output file, source code file, .Dex and .Apk file. In other words, we can say that it is the major part of android app development whose you should know that.

8. Understand the Actual Android Market

You cannot become a professional  developer if you don’t have knowledge about the app development market. So before to develop an application you can understand the strategy, process, features, advantage and then start to develop an application according to the market demand basis.

9. Expert to Develop Trending Android Framework

If you are an android developer then you should know about the latest technology framework like Corona, Xamarin, Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, NativeScript, Ionic and many more. It indicates your position as a professional Android developer in the global market.

10. Make an Impressive Portfolio

You can make your portfolio according to your knowledge of Android app development where you can mention your all strategy about the application, framework, technical knowledge and many more which are related to app development. It is really helpful that put a bright impact on your app development skills.


You can follow these all things in your app development which is helpful to make you a professional Android app developer. This type of tips is really good to become Android app developer and they can take and understand all process in Android training academy in Jaipur. So we don’t waste your time and grab the Android app development opportunity to become a mobile app developer in the entire world.

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